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We boast of bringing over a decade of experience of end-to-end planning and optimization services to aspiring businesses.

About Us

Let us tell you, how did we start, why did we start and what does it mean for us to work as 32N Co!

Ain't that interesting?

Our History

We boast of bringing over a decade of experience of end-to-end planning & optimization services to aspiring businesses. Whether its an idea in your head that needs realization or efficient utilization of existing resources to maximize returns, we have got a track record of working with SME's in establishing and improving their performance in the areas of operations, finance and marketing. Over these years, we have developed a satisfied and loyal clientale that continues to expand. We have have been advising businesses in both manufacturing and services sectors; ranging from fast food chains, FMCG wholesalers and retailers, sports goods manufacturers exporters, automobile parts manufacturers, tourism operators among others.

Our Story

32N is the latitude of the ancesteral location of the Founder of the Company. He started business after his decade of experience in project management with the number 32 aiming to bring it to new heights, as in Pakistan North is considered as height due to geographical location. So 32N Co, in short, means starting from 32 degrees latitude and aiming upwards/north. Initially we have been only providing the software solutions to manufacturing/services industries for their day to day use. Developed skill according the requirements of the clients and provided assistance in digital & marketing strategies, operations improvement and financial management.

Our Features

What diffferenciates us from other in the industry?

Activity Reporting

Regular Activity Reporting helps in bridging the communication gap between a customer and our team. A project's activity report will allow client to monitor the progress on their projec, without having the need to talk in person. Activity reports minimize the time it takes for the client to monitor and give feedback on every step of project progress.

Team Management

You'll awarded project to a team that is simply ‘managed and organized’ with best ethics. Our Team doesn't have negative perceptions and preconceived notions about the any client's project. We evlove about every customer's requirement to fulfill our motto of being your business partner. With a good team, you are going to have good business.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is one of the crucial components to help business with all the required information and making wise business decisions. ... Effective market analysis can help in getting valuable insights into shifts in the economy, competitors, ongoing market trends, demographics, and the traits of customers' expenditure.


Whether it is an idea in your head that needs to realization or improving efficient utilization of existing resources to maximize returns.

Business Consultancy

We've a long list of successful Food Consultancy Projects during last whole decade. We've consulted Planning, Development and Operations as well and procurement of restaurant equipments.

Digital Services

We have powered 30m+ adserving per month, We deliver result oriented solutions and we deliver what we promise. We've also built 500m+ fanpages in last 10+ years.

Digital Strategy

We help you converting your local business into e-Business. We are internet brand creators. We develop & create websites with creative concepts and promote them to the targeted customers

Google Partnership

We provide Google applications for Business, Education, Government & Non-Government with Google's partnership.

Brand Identity

We build brands online with Social Media, SEO, SEM and Content Writing; We build reputation of new and old businesses!

Domain & Hosting

We have registered 500+ domains & hosted them on shared and dedicated servers. We provide 99.99% Uptime.

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Contact Info

We have two offices. One in Federal Capital and Second in Punjab.

Following are the physical addresses of our offices.


102 - ISB Heights, IBD Compound, St # 1, E-11/4, Islamabad


1B-Basement - Jakhar Plaza - Bhaddar Road, Guliana - Kharian

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