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Solutions & Expertise: Crafting Success Stories for Over a Decade

We proudly present over a decade of proficiency in providing end-to-end planning and optimization services, defining our commitment to “Solutions & Expertise.” Whether it’s transforming ideas into reality or maximizing existing resources, we have a proven track record. Our extensive experience spans SMEs, enhancing operations, finance, and marketing performance. With a diverse clientele, including fast-food chains, FMCG wholesalers, retailers, sports goods manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturers, tourism operators, and more, our advisory services have consistently empowered businesses across manufacturing and services sectors. Our satisfied and expanding clientele attests to our unwavering dedication to delivering impactful solutions.

Our Story

Empowering Success: Where Solutions & Expertise Put You at the Center of Our Story

At 32N Co, our narrative unfolds from the geographic coordinates of our Founder’s ancestral roots—32 degrees latitude. With over a decade of project management expertise, he embarked on a journey symbolized by the number 32, aspiring to elevate businesses to new heights. The name ’32N Co’ encapsulates this vision, commencing from 32 degrees latitude and reaching skyward, mirroring the geographical significance of North as ascent. Initially focused on delivering software solutions to manufacturing and service industries, we evolved by honing skills tailored to client needs. Our commitment extends beyond software, providing comprehensive assistance in digital and marketing strategies, operational enhancements, and financial management.

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Get to know our fantastic team, dedicated to creating customized solutions that perfectly suit your needs.

Naeem Afzal


Syed Furqan


Haris Malik

Project Manager

Sohaib Soban

Software Engineer

Moiz Shahid

Software Engineer

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